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Professional Window Cleaning from NW Softwash will brighten your day. We have state of the art equipment to handle all of your needs and we service all of Portland, Oregon to Longview, Washington. Experience clean windows!

By keeping your windows clean at least once a year, you are protecting your property against the constant elements that stick to the glass. Regular cleaning will keep your window glass in great shape along with the window seals. Here in the PNW, we have harsh moss that likes to grow in window tracks and attach to the seal on the edges of the window. This can cause breakage of the seal, and water intrusion in between the glass.

Clean windows boost your building’s appeal. Think of NW Softwash for annual window cleanings. We don’t just clean the glass but also the tracks, screens, and frames, ensuring your property looks sharp throughout the year.

Every business thrives when its premises are tidy and welcoming. When you invest in the cleanliness of your Pexterior, it draws clients and employees closer, fostering a positive environment. Clean windows play a significant role in presenting a polished image. Let NW Softwash be the solution to your window cleaning needs, ensuring your commercial space always looks its best.



Glass Cleaning

With our window glass cleaning service, we have the ability to wash both interior and exterior windows along with any skylights you may have. All organic dirt will be removed and squeegeed off leaving a perfect finish. We also have the ability to use de-ionized water to scrub and rinse exterior windows! This is performed with a state of the art water fed pole on your exterior windows.

Track Cleaning

Every few glass cleanings you will want to get your window tracks deep cleaned. We scrub, vacuum and wipe out the tracks leaving a great result for you to enjoy.

Screen Cleaning

Screen Cleaning is a popular service paired with exterior glass cleaning. We use a commercial grade screen cleaner that scrubs and rinses the screen perfectly clean every time! We then reinstall all screens when finished.

Hard Water Removal

Hard Water is obtrusive and leaves water marks on glass due to the minerals in the water. Many times this is either from the rain, or sprinklers on the ground. We have the capabilities to remove hard water as an additional service after we clean the glass from dirt.

Effective and Stress-Free

Our Professional Window Cleaning Process 

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    Request a Quote

    Once we get the details of your commercial project, we dispatch a sales estimator to your location to offer a tailored quote for your business.
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    Flexible Scheduling

    When you give us the thumbs up on proceeding with the project, we schedule around your needs. Usually we can schedule the work within a few days!
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    Enjoy Your Clean Property

    Our professional cleaning technicians are top-notch in the industry. We hire dedicated and polite team members passionate about their work. Enjoy a spotless commercial space once they’re done!
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Affordable Window Cleaning Solutions for Every Business

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    Vinyl Siding Cleaning

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    Brick House Washing

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    Hardie Board Cleaning

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An NW Softwash employee is looking at a house after cleaning it. Sunny and outdoors.

Hear from Our Satisfied Customers

William and Matthew did a fantastic job! Windows look awesome!
Suze Engbretson
An NW Softwash employee is applying pressure washing to clean the driveby and garage of a home in vancouver, washington.

Hear from Our Satisfied Customers

William and Matthew did a great job at cleaning my windows and repairing some screens- super professional and courteous!
Jennifer Barker
NW Softwash employee performing gutter cleaning for a residential customer

Hear from Our Satisfied Customers

Their people were polite, in uniforms, and followed instructions well. My windows are sparkling clean.
Ardis Gonzales
Frequently Asked Questions 

Common Questions about Window Cleaning

Yes, we clean storm windows. We like to look a the integrity of the frame before we clean. Most of the time, we are able to remove the windows and clean them. If we feel that the integrity of the glass/frame may be compromised with the service, we will immediately notify you to protect your windows.

We offer Hard Water Removal as an additional service. Since it requires special chemicals and a separate process to remove, we don’t offer it with standard cleaning prices. However, if you are looking to get water spots removed, please inquire to our technicians on site for a quote and we can offer that service where needed.

We recommend cleaning your building’s window glass at least once a month. This ensures they remain clear and presentable for your business. In high-traffic areas or if the building is near busy streets, you might consider having them cleaned more frequently. We can arrange a cleaning schedule that best suits your business needs!

Our Window Cleaning pricing is determined by counting all the windows in your commercial building. We charge per window, considering factors like accessibility and the extent of dirt/stains. Don’t hesitate to request a free quote for your business’s windows today.