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Are you looking for the best house washing company in Clark County? Welcome to NW Softwash, where customer satisfaction is the top priority, and we meet your exterior house cleaning needs tenfold.

There has never been a better time or option for cleaning your exterior. Exterior house cleaning instantly improves your curb appeal while making maintenance easier. Have you ever considered investing in house washing Amboy, WA? If you have, you have come to the right place!

At NW Softwash, our house washing services are the most effective and efficient way to remove unwanted algae, moss, and residue accumulated on your exterior surfaces. Our team of experts has the equipment and cleaners needed to have your home looking fresh in no time!

Our Amboy House Washing Services

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Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding looks good, it’s versatile, and has a great lifespan. However, it does need to be maintained in order to be able to reach its full durability. Our house washing Amboy WA service will remove any staining, moss, and other residues to have the siding on your home looking brand new again, and will keep it stronger for longer.

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Brick house

Brick washing is often forgotten about, some people may even think that a little moss or molding can give the brickwork character, but this is not the case. The moss and molding can weaken the bricks surface and the bricks around it, and in serious cases, it can give off toxins into the air around you. Brick house washing is essential for not just the aesthetic, but for the maintenance and safety as well.

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Hardie Board

Our hardy wood house washing service is the perfect solution for removing all kinds of dirt, grime, and algae from the surface. Keep your home’s exterior in the best condition possible all year round free from discoloring and residues with no damage to your home.

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Expert House Pressure Washing Amboy Residents Trust

Is maintaining your home a priority? It should be! When you spend a little extra time and money maintaining the exterior of your property, it comes back in spades. Hiring a house washing company to come annually or twice a year will keep the surfaces of your home free from buildup that can cause damage and repair costs. Furthermore, maintaining the siding, fencing, roof, patios, and other exterior surfaces of your home shows dedication to your curb appeal and increases the value of your property.

What materials cover the exterior of your home? Our pressure washing Amboy company is familiar with many different building materials, so we know how much pressure to use and the cleaners needed to make your home shine. We’ll help you maintain your vinyl by removing staining, moss, and residue buildup. We’ll restore your home’s brickwork and leave you with a clean exterior that maintains the integrity of your structure. We’ll make sure your home’s Hardie board exterior is in the best condition possible through dirt and algae removal.

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house washing Amboy WA

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Your home is important to us! NW Softwash is a locally owned and operated business, and it is our mission to help as many people in the area as possible. Many homeowners forgo house washing services because they are not aware of the benefits. Our team delivers exceptional services and helps educate homeowners on the importance of exterior maintenance on their homes.

Stop searching for house washing near me or exterior house washing services Amboy, WA. NW Softwash is ready to step in and give your hose a good cleaning! Our house pressure washing Amboy services are some of the best in the region!

Get on our schedule and start taking care of your home. We will talk through your needs and create a plan unique to your home. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and we work with all homes and projects throughout the Clark County area. Call us or request a free estimate online

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Real House Washing Reviews From Happy Customers


House Washing Amboy WA

NW Softwash House Washing delivered exactly what they said they would. Our roof was treated for moss and our house was washed. We will use them whenever we need them and highly recommend them!.

Janet Cooper

House Washing In Amboy WA

NW Softwash is fantastic House Washing company to work with! They are professional, affordable, they work quickly and efficiently. Easy to book, easy to pay! I am a local real estate agent in Amboy, WA and refer them constantly to clients, friends and family! I use them for my personal home softwashing the exterior of my house and cleaning out gutters! They also do moss removal treatments, concrete cleaning and more! Call them today!

Laura McGreevey

House Washing Amboy

We had Stephen and his crew from NW Softwash House Washing come out to give our house a spring cleaning. Moss taken care of, had some mold growing where it shouldn’t be and needed some pressure washing done. They took care of it all very quickly and I couldn’t be happier! Stephen is very professional to deal with and very knowledgeable. These guys know what they’re doing and they do it well. Keep up the good work guys!.

Steve Williams

Frequently Asked Amboy
House Washing Questions

  • No, pressure washing is very good for your home with benefits including cleaning off any staining, restoring the coloring, and thoroughly cleaning off dirt, grime, moss, algae, and other residues to help maintain the life span of your home’s exterior if the right method is used. We guarantee to keep your home in tip-top shape with our industry-standard soft washing methods.

In order to clean your home safely, our Amboy WA house washing team will use a method of pressure washing called soft washing, this is pressure washing on a lower setting that ensures the safety of your home while still effectively removing and cleaning anything in the way.

Usually, house washing should be done as often as is necessary, for some people this could be just once a year, and for others, it could be several times a year. Living in areas that have extreme weather, or where your home is more likely to attract things such as moss and algae will mean that you will have to have it done more often. However, we are happy to talk through your personal situation and offer practice advice about how many times a year you might need it.

We price our house washing Amboy WA services based on factors such as how much work is needed to be done, and what type of service you need. But, we will always talk through the pricing with you once we have the information we need, and will never start without you knowing the final price.

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